The cattery is located in Oud Beijerland, this is a place in the Hoeksche Waard just below Rotterdam. On this site you will find all kinds of information about the Maine Coon, the cattery and of course the cats. The health of the cats is very important to us, that is why they are tested very regularly. In addition to the usual annual visit to the vet, the cats also receive additional examinations. For example, the cats that are bred with are extensively examined via DNA and additional examinations by means of ultrasound screenings and X-rays. 

Our cats and kittens are fully part of our family, so they have the entire house at their disposal. They can also go outside if they wish, at the moment we are still using a cat run. However, there are plans to make the garden completely “coonproof”. Because the kittens are often born in our living room and grow up, they become very social and affectionate cats. The plan is that as a hobby breeder we will regularly have a litter with kittens. We hope you enjoy our cats as much as we do.

2019-08-19 (3)
The "flower litter" 11 weeks