Uran Kaprysowo*PL

Red tabby blotched

Date of Birth 04-10-2016


Bloodtype A

HCM dna: N/N

PKD dna: N/N


PKDef: N/N


HD: 20-10-2017, left grade 1 & right negatif

HCM screening: 15-05-2018 negatif

PKD screening: 15-05-2018 negatif

Fiv/FelV: 15-05-2018 negatif



Shortly after I purchased Milan, I was unexpectedly offered Uran. Uran’s parents come from very healthy lines and are both tested on everything that is currently possible. Both parents are also free of HD which is important because both parents are very big and heavy. The kittens that were previously born from that combination are all very long, but also wide and have long tails. I hope that Uran will pass on that firmness to the kittens. Uran comes from a somewhat more classic line than Milan, he is also a lot lower on his legs like Milan. Now that we have two different males in terms of construction, we can continue to advance with our breeding goals.

Uran is a male with a super sweet character and is quite present vocally. If you call his name, he answers by means of a meow and then comes up with a lot of pressing and his tail in the air. It is not a hangover that is just as easily stretched out on your lap, because your lap is just too small for that. For me it will still work because I have wide seats on my chair and I always have my legs up. However, he likes to stretch out on the table or stretch out on the couch to be hugged so wonderfully. Its color is beautifully deep red and its fur is very flexible and requires little maintenance. Stanislawa Kilarska thanks a lot for this big gentle red giant …

Amibial Olaf*PL is the father of Uran
Dream Fidelity Feline*CZ is the mother of Uran