Theme: Arrow

Father: Milan de Red Land
Colour: blue smoke white (as 09)
Mother: Frozen’s Elsa van Droomwereld (e 25)
Color: creme tabby ticked

Theme: Flowers

Father: Uran Kaprysowo
Colour: red tabby blotched (d 22)
Mother: Allegiancelove Beautiful Bibi
Colour: blue silver tabby blotched white (as 09 22)

Theme: Cleopatra

Father: Uran Kaprysowo
Color: red tabby blotched (d 22)
Mother: Caitlinn van Droomwereld
Color: blue tortie tabby ticked (g 25)

Theme: David Bowie

Father: Giorgio Armani van Droomwered
Color: creme silver tabby mackerel white (es 09 25)
Mother: Magical Tails Pixar’s Riley
Color: black tortie harlequin (f 03)


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